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Team Augmentation

Sometimes, you have a great team in place, but your project requires ultra-specific expertise or additional manpower to reach your business objectives. Sharkbyte helps you achieve great results with our highly skilled developers for hire.

Our staff augmentation enhances your existing team swiftly, seamlessly, strategically — whether it’s giving your team a short-term boost, helping you complete a new project, or covering staff absences like parental leave.
Sharkbyte’s software engineers
get up to speed quickly for short-term projects—and provide consistent support for long-term assignments.
We help you navigate the deepest waters and most challenging assignments with reliable and unwavering guidance and technical expertise.

Our vetting process

Sharkbyte thoroughly vets tech talent for coding skills, competencies, and experience. We only hire mid to senior-level developers with a proven track record. Here are just some of the key qualities we look for:

Technical prowess

Anyone who works for us—and you—should not only have a firm grasp on the fundamentals of computer science, but also understand the nuances of real-world applications. We look for people who are both technically skilled and have the right experience to jump into your project.
Aptitude and ability

The best engineers don’t know everything—but they know how to learn anything. We find people who are adept at picking up new skills and techniques, and quickly integrating into a team.

Sharkbyte is a business partner at every level. We ensure our staff is equally comfortable in a code editor and in the boardroom, so they can consult and guide your team with confidence.

In many cases, we’re working with your trade secrets. Going beyond the NDA, we hire people who are discreet and keep your sensitive information under lock and key.
We create a company culture and environment where our employees are excited for work, by empowering them to pick the projects they’re most passionate about. 

Our software developers and engineers look forward to being immersed into your project, and getting creative to meet your needs so that you can focus on your core business.

The Sharkbyte advantage

You could work with freelance talent—but then you’re left dealing with T4A or 1099 forms and added costs. And hiring someone in-house requires a salary, benefits, and long-term commitment. 

Sharkbyte’s staff augmentation offers the best of all worlds: dedicated, skilled staff without the additional overhead of increasing your headcount. And with us, you’re only hiring for as long as you need the extra support.
Transparent Pricing
We work as an agency partner to minimize the extraneous fees that come with outsourcing—and our pricing model is simple and transparent.
One Culture
With all of our staff based across the U.S. and Canada, cultural and language barriers are nonexistent. We work during your regular business hours, making it easy for us to integrate into your team.

Staff augmentation services

Our IT staff augmentation services help you accomplish your goals at any project stage, whether it’s identifying how to approach a project or bringing it over the finish line. Sharkbyte’s expertise includes:
Roadmapping and identifying project needs
assurance (QA)
Sharkbyte’s staff augmentation model helps you thrive throughout the project lifecycle — and enjoy success after completion.

Ready to dive in?

Clients of all sizes are warmly welcomed — from strategic startups to large enterprises in the public and private sectors.

Sharkbyte's developers integrated seamlessly with our team. They worked as team members, were plugged into everything, met with us in daily stand ups and took part in code review processes just like any other developer. The code they produced was super clean and they were very helpful with documentation. Who wouldn’t want that kind of help within their project?

Matt Simpson

Associate Director, Elentra Consortium | Queen's University

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