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Sharkbyte’s Roadmap To Revenue Growth fixes that.

Our team of Shopify eCommerce experts will create a comprehensive strategy to grow your revenues.

By identifying sticking points on your website and developing a digital marketing plan tailored to your business, we’ll help you finally break through the roadblocks on your way towards growth.

What is the Roadmap to Revenue Growth?

You’ll receive a 40 to 60-page report that highlights key opportunities to grow your Shopify traffic and revenues. We’ll work closely with you to analyze and improve your ecommerce business across key areas, including:

  • SEO – Discover how to optimize your site’s SEO with advanced techniques to drive organic traffic.
  • Website – Get a User Experience (UX) design analysis, and understand where you’re losing customers, and how to get them back.
  • Email – Create more personalized email content based on user behaviour and increase engagement through marketing automation and audience segmentation.
  • Social – Strengthen your social media presence by picking the right channels and communicating with your audience in the right way.
  • Advertising – Learn how to make tactical investments that deliver a positive return via Google Adwords, social media advertising, and other targeted channels relevant to your brand.

Benefit from all of the above for just $697. If the Roadmap fails to identify a single way to improve your eCommerce marketing efforts, you’ll get a 100% refund. No questions asked.

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How it works


Free Website Audit

It all starts with your website. We will do an initial review and give advice on how you can improve key elements of your Shopify store to boost sales and traffic.


90-Minute Discovery Call

A comprehensive call that identifies and analyzes your current website, marketing strategies, business goals, and how you can meet them more effectively.


Roadmap to Revenue Growth

Receive an in-depth, 40 to 60-page Roadmap with step-by-step information on how you can increase your Shopify sales and traffic.

Rooney nearly doubled their eCommerce revenues with Sharkbyte’s help.

I first approached Sharkbyte looking to improve my Shopify store SEO. In my initial discussion with Jean-Benoit, I realised that I needed much more than just an SEO tuneup: I was really looking to improve my revenues. He suggested a roadmapping session to learn about my business in detail and came up with recommendations.

We went ahead with the roadmapping, and I'm very happy with the results: J-B was able to identify at least 10 areas related to my store and marketing that needed improving, and provided a 60-page report with step-by-step instructions to implement all of his suggestions. He also projected that my revenues would grow by at least 30% within 12 months.

One year after all of the recommendations were put in place, my Shopify store revenues have grown by a sustained 89%!

Needless to say, if you are looking to grow your own store, I highly recommend Jean-Benoit and his team at Sharkbyte.

Alex Danino

Owner of Rooney in downtown Montreal, as well as Shopify store RooneyShop.com

Meet Our Lead eCommerce Experts

Designers. Developers. Marketers. Our diverse team specializes in Shopify eCommerce, and for over 10 years, we’ve been helping online stores thrive by bringing in new customers and selling more of their products. Meet two of our key team members.

Jean-Benoit Lesage

eCommerce Expert

Jean-Benoit Lesage is a veteran software engineer and Shopify store consultant with over five years of experience helping online stores increase their revenues. He helps implement best practices in SEO, email marketing automation, optimized checkout sequences, and more.

Robert Black

Digital Marketing Expert

With 12+ years of experience helping eCommerce businesses, Robert is a veteran in data-driven marketing and advertising. Not only does he work with multiple 6-figure eCommerce sites to optimize their advertising efforts, he also owns his own successful Shopify store.

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Enter your name, email and Shopify URL below to receive personalized,
actionable tips to immediately improve your store’s sales.